What is Happening

From time to time, we will have exciting news to share with you, including comments from friends returning from some of our adventures, new venues we have discovered for your enjoyment, or anything else we feel you would like to know about.  As our company grows, we want to share the experience with you, and hope you find this section useful.  We are also interested in your feedback and suggestions of items you would like to see covered here.  Have fun and let us know what you think!

Welcome Memp Ward

Exciting News at Wings Inc

We are happy to welcome Memp Ward to our team of hunting professionals.  Memp has been a friend of our team for more than twenty years.  He has hunted with us numerous times over those years and he is a true sportsman and great company afield.  He brings with him many years of experience chasing waterfowl & upland game, but is also an avid hunter of larger game.  His experience and expertise in chasing white-tailed deer and other big game brings a new dimension to Wings, Inc. and new sporting opportunities to our clients.  We will be offering the best North American big deer and international big game experiences to our clients.  Memp will continue to live in Greenville, South Carolina, and will be primarily involved in the marketing of all the various outdoor adventures offered by our company.  Don’t hesitate to call Memp at +1 803 243 5353, or contact him via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be ready to handle all of your sporting travel needs!

Travel Requirements

We require our International Travelers to complete our International Hunter Form, our Wings Liability Release and send to Wings, Inc. along with a good copy of your Passport Photo and Signature Page.

This form is self-explantory and provides the necessary information to obtain your hunting licenses and pre-register any guns you plan on taking.

Be aware that Argentina requires a visa, which will cost $130 upon entry, and is payable at Immigration.  The visa is good for 10 years, and is set relative to what we charge their residents visiting the US.  Multiple entries into the country are allowed. Gun permit fees are running around $140/gun (USD) and are payable in cash upon arrival in Argentina.

My First Argentina Dove Shoot

A Wings Testimonial  

I would like to share my experiences from my last trip to Argentina I took in July 2009.  We departed the States via Atlanta, arriving Buenos Aires next morning around 7 am, local time.  We were met by the Wings hosts, Leticia and Alex, who assisted us through Customs and in obtaining our gun permits.  We then were transfered to the domestic airport, Aeroparque, for the hour flight to Cordoba.  Upon arrival, we were met by our host, Manuel Lainez and his staff, who proceeded to transport us to the lodge, La Aquada. Our group then departed for an afternoon dove shoot in the hills.  We are told that there are 35 million doves in the valley and the shooting pressures have not diminished the numbers what-so-ever.  Our shooting experience was outstanding.

Then back to the Lodge for the cocktail hour, wine and spirits and lots of hunting tales.  A delightful dinner was served.  Next morning, up at a reasonable hour, breakfast cooked to order, then off to the hills.  After the morning shoot, a bbq lunch was served in the field, Argentine style, with wine and beverages of choice.  Then a short nap for those interested, then back to the hills for the afternoon shoot.  This senario was repeated for the next 2 days.

This experience was truly a delight.  The dove shoots were spectactular and the hospitality was truly outstanding. I am looking forward to my next trip.


South Carolina