Everyday is an opportunity for new adventures at Wings, Inc., and we want to make sure you know about them as quickly as possible.  We will use this section to announce new venues and share other exciting news with you.  We will feature special deals made available to us for your use and also let you know about the new destinations and adventures we will be adding to our portfolio.  Let us know what you think and tell us of destinations you would like us to add.  We are very sensitive to your wishes and want to make sure we provide everything you need in the world of sporting traveling.

Argentina Special

Hot Opportunity for Next Few Months

We are offering the full service four day, six hunt dove shoot at our lodge in Cordoba Province in Argentina to groups of 10 to 12 shooters for $1350 per person.


This special is effective from mid September to the end of February.  The normal price of this trip is $2750 so it represents a savings of $1400, more than the price of airfare.  The price includes all food and lodging in the shooting area, open bar, guides & birdboys and everything you would expect.  The doves are in the hills in tremendous numbers, and the only reason we offer this special is to encourage our friends and clients to use the facility during this time of the year when they are normally busy chasing critters in the States.  It’s an excellent way to keep our teams busy when fewer hunters are traveling outside the US.  The weather during this time of year is similar to the weather in the mid-Atlantic & the doves are prolific.  The government of Argentina tells us we have more than 35 million birds in our valley, with a population that continues to grow, in spite of shooting pressures.  Take advantage of this wonderful shooting opportunity. Grab a group of friends and let us show you outstanding hospitality and unbelievable dove shooting.!

Fantastic Duck Hunting

Hottest Product in the Pipeline!

We have discovered the waterfowlers’ dream destination!  It’s in the Golden Triangle in central Missouri, and it’s loaded with ducks and geese, great hospitality, good food, and a management team you will really admire.  This expansive operation uses just about every environment and method to hunt waterfowl that we have ever seen.


Don has hunted with them the past couple seasons, and has been amazed at what these guys have created out there.  The owners of this facility are highly educated, passionately motivated career waterfowlers who have built a very impressive waterfowl environment, which includes dry field shooting, flooded field shooting, river cut ox bow shooting, green timber shooting, and shooting from blinds over open ponds – all within quick driving distance from the comfortable lodge.  Don said he had seen lots of ducks in his life, but to have over 150 pintails drop into his decoys, and be surprised by large mixed flocks of mallards & gadwalls sailing in over his head with wings cupped and feet down, assured him he would be returning to this duck hunter’s Mecca.  Give Don a call at 803-424-6107 or e-mail him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let him tell you about his experience.  This three morning shoot is available for only $2100, and if you bag your limit in the morning, you can shoot pheasants and quail in the afternoon for only $150 per person per hunt.  It’s an easy drive from Kansas City, and is well positioned for anyone flying personal aircraft.  You need to put this on your itinerary for October to December, so call quickly for dates. Don’t miss this place!