Having Fun since 1989

dogandbirdWe have now been operating continuously over 25 years.  The company was started by Don Terrell, a South Carolina banker, back in 1989, when he took his first international trip to Mexico.  While hunting, he made an arrangement with the Mexican outfitter to find hunters for that operation, and found his first group before the season ended.  Encouraged by this experience, he put together a group of hunters who traveled to Argentina for an exploratory trip.  Although that particular trip was not a success, it provided the contacts in Argentina which encouraged him to try it again the following year.  That next trip proved highly successful and the business has continued to grow from that auspicious beginning, to become a leader in American sporting travel.  Now that Don has retired from banking, he devotes full time to Wings, Inc. and his other business and civic interests.


During these past many years, we have explored many opportunities for our client base, and have added a few and rejected many that did not meet the standards of service delivery we secure for our client friends.

We have many clients across the US & Canada and around the world, most of them having traveled with us multiple times.  We have several clients who travel with us every year, and have been doing so since the early 90s.  We will match our repeat business with anyone, and have the references to prove it.  We cater to individuals, clubs, corporations, couples, ladies’ groups, and father-son groups.  We customize every trip to satisfy your individual needs, and can arrange interesting schedules for non-hunting companions.

Take a look at our offerings and let’s find the perfect trip for you!

Welcome to Wings

Welcome! If you are an enthusiast for visiting the outdoors with a shotgun, rifle, or fishing rod, you are definitely at the right place!

Our company provides fully customized hunting and fishing opportunities all over the world for those with an interest in adventure travel. If you’re interested in sitting under tens of thousands of wild doves, or landing a feisty sailfish, or bagging a trophy whitetailed deer, we’re the perfect resource for you. We offer adventures in multiple countries, from Argentina to Africa, and even in the good old USA.

You tell us about the sporting adventure you have been wanting to try, and we’ll make it happen for you. We handle everything, so all you have to do is show up at the airport! Argentina is the primary destination for wingshooters all over the world, and we operate smack dab in the middle of the largest concentration of doves on the globe, with a population that continues to grow in spite of shooting pressures.

The government officials tell us they have over 35 million birds in the valley, and we’d like to show them to you. Argentina also has wonderful duck hunting, partridge shooting, and big game hunting to explore. We also hunt big game and some wingshooting in New Zealand, duck and goose hunting and fishing in Canada, and the full gamut of Africa’s safari experiences, in both South Africa and Tanzania, including dangerous game. Due to issues with security, we have discontinued our operation in Mexico for hunting and fishing until further notice.  In the US, we offer outstanding wingshooting in Missouri and Arkansas for ducks & geese, and spring snow goose hunting in Missouri.

Give us a call and talk to us about what you would like to experience, and let us put together a package for you.We have been doing this for a very long time, and know that excellent service brings clients back, and our repeat business is the key to our success.